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Allegheny Glass Block and Masonry Restoration of Pittsburgh, PA proudly serves its customers with the finest masonry work in the industry. Our Masonry Restorative Contractors have decades of experience and are familiar with all your local codes and structural requirements.

Lintel above door opening

Lintel Above Door

Lintel beam above picture window

Lintel Over Window

Lintel under brick installation

Lintel Under Brick

Exposed Lintel during construction

Exposed Steel Lintel

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Pittsburgh Masonry Services

Allegheny Glass Block and Masonry Services provides complete residential and commercial Masonry Services to the Pittsburgh and surrounding area. We perform brick pointing, brick cleaning, repair masonry stress cracks, lintel replacement, chimney pointing and total rebuild of chimneys if needed.

Free Estimates - We take the time to address all your masonry restorative concerns and prepare you an estimate. When you call us back and choose Allegheny Glass Block and Masonry Restoration for your work we already have your requirements noted and any preparatory work is completed at our facility prior to our agreed upon installation date.

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Reasons to complete Masonry Restoration Services

Structural - Depending on the damage caused by weather, wear or age decomposing mortar can cause structural concerns. The most common structural problems that need addressed in the Pittsburgh area are chimney pointing or rebuilding, chimney cap installation or replacement and lintel replacement or lintel restorative work. (see photos on the left - the lintel is the steel plate above garage doors, entry doors, and windows)

Energy Savings - Repointing your home can save further damage and energy costs. Depending on the condition of your home or business, your restoration can be partial or complete increasing the insulative value of the walls and reducing energy costs.

Aesthetics - Pointing your home can be done as an eye pleasing change when it comes to the overall look. We are able to use mortar dyes that increase the curb appeal and provide a fresh look to your building. Many customers choose to replace old mortar joints with a fresh pointing job.

Maintenace - The average age of homes in Pittsburgh is over 50 years. With our weather and normal wear, all homes needs maintenance now and again. Maintaining your brick or block work is very important to alleviate further costs and problems in the future.

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Steps for Masonry Restoration Services

Safety - Our team of trained professional Masonry Restoration Specialists have decades of experience and uses all the proper safety equipment including scaffolding and safety gear to provide you a worry free project from start to finish.

Removal - Our restoration specialists provide the proper coverings and dropclothes to protect all your interior and exterior property.

Material Preparation - Your work will be always be custom built. If there is any work that needs completed prior to your project start date, we build it at our facility.

Installation - We have specific methods that we consider trade secrets attained from our decades of experience to insure complete and professional masonry restoration of your building, chimney, lintel, or brick work.

Clean Up - All debris is removed and hauled away. We leave your property in the same condition we found it.

Follow Up - When the job is completed we will make sure you are completely satisfied.

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