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Allegheny Glass Block and Masonry Restoration of Pittsburgh, PA proudly serves its customers with the finest glass block window treatments available in the industry. Our Glass Block Contractors and Masonry Restorative Contractors have decades of experience and are familiar with all your local codes.

Pittsburgh Glass Block Window Services by Pittsburghers for Pittsburghers

Decora Glass Block

Decora Glass Block

Delphi Glass Block

Delphi Glass Block

IceScapes Glass Block

Icescapes Glass Block

Vue Glass Block

Vue Glass Block

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Allegheny Glass Block Services

Allegheny Glass Block provides complete residential and commercial Pittsburgh Glass Block Services. Window Installation and Removal Services to the Pittsburgh and surrounding area is our specialty.

Free Estimates - We measure your window openings and prepare you an estimate. When you call us back and choose Allegheny Glass Block for your installation we already have your window measurements and we can prepare your windows at our facility prior to our agreed upon installation date.

Call Rick Today at 412-459-0024 For a Free Estimate and Consultation about all our Pittsburgh Glass Block Window Services.

Reasons to install Glass Block Windows

Security - Short of installing bars in your windows, Glass Block Windows are the most secure window treatment on the market. It takes a sledgehammer to remove them once they have been installed.

Energy Savings - Replacing old faulty single pane basement windows is one of the main reasons to have glass block windows installed in your home or business.

Aesthetics - We offer four styles of Glass Block Windows to choose from. IceScapes - Decora - Delphi - Vue. (see images to the left)

Privacy - Depending on your style choice of Glass Block Window, they provide light into a room but not a clear view preventing unwanted visual acces to the contents of your home or business.

Maintenace - Glass Block Windows require no maintenance other than wiping them down with a wet rag should they become dirty.

Call Rick Today at 412-459-0024 For a Free Estimate and Consultation.

Steps for a typical Glass Block Window Installation

Safety - Our team of trained professional Glass Block Window Installers has decades of experience and uses all the proper safety equipment including scaffolding and gear to provide you a worry free installation.

Removal - Our installers provide the proper coverings and dropclothes to protect all your interior and exterior property.

Material Preparation - Your windows will be custom built at our facility and arrive as units to be installed by our previous measurements from the estimate.

Installation - We have specific methods that we consider trade secrets attained from our decades of experience to insure complete and professional installation of your glass block window treatments.

Clean Up - All debris is removed and hauled away. We leave your property in the same condition we found it.

Follow Up - When the job is completed we will make sure you are completely satisfied.

Call Rick Today at 412-459-0024 For a Free Estimate and Consultation.

Pittsburgh Glass Block Window Services